About Us


Orkney Sustainable Fisheries Ltd was established in 2006 to run the local lobster hatchery and carry out research projects on the local shellfish populations.  It’s an industry run company with the board of directors largely made up of fishermen who have an active input into the work that we do.

We now have two full time researchers, Kate Rydzkowski and Matthew Coleman who collect and analyse data on the local, Brown Crab, European Lobster and Velvet Crab populations. OSF is currently running two main projects, the 4 year Orkney Fisheries Research Project which is working with The Crown Estate, Marks and Spencer, WWF and Orkney Islands Council to look into the interaction between fishing activity and the Marine Renewable Industry and assess the Brown crab stock in Orkney, and the Juvenile Lobster Habitat Trials which are investigating the use of artificial structures for habitat enhancement. We are also involved in a national study on the Maturity of the Brown Crabs which is being co-ordinated by Bangor University.

OSF works alongside Heriot Watt University Orkney Campus where our scientific advisor Dr Mike Bell is based.  Mike Bell aids with stock assessment on our shellfish stocks as well as providing expertise on fisheries science.


Orkney Sustainable Fisheries is committed to providing sound science on the shellfish populations of Orkney which can aid our local fishing industry.

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