Kate Walker Website

Fishery Development Manager

I graduated from the University of Aberdeen with a BSc in Zoology in 2009. After my degree I took a year out, during this year I found the Masters degree in Marine Resource Management At Heriot Watt University in Stromness which is decided I would do. I graduated from my Masters in 2011, while undertaking my masters dissertation I got a summer assistant job working to Orkney Sustainable Fisheries to help with the previous EFF funded project on Brown Crab which started in 2010. I was offered a full time position in September of 2011 as Research Coordinator and developed the 4 year Orkney fisheries research project in partnership with The Crown Estate, Marks and Spencer, WWF and Orkney Island Council to evaluate the impacts between that inshore fishery and marine renewables, this project has come to an end in 2016.

Since January 2017 I have taken on a new position in Orkney Sustainable Fisheries as Fishery Development Manager and  I am working on the continuation of the FIP and developing a framework for fisheries management.


Phone: 01856 850605


Matthew Coleman

Senior Marine Scientist

I graduated from University of Exeter with a BSc Zoology in 2012 and progressed onto a MSc Marine Biology at Bangor University School of Ocean Sciences, graduating in 2013. Following graduation I worked within the Fisheries & Conservation Science group at Bangor University. This included working on a project as a benthic taxonomists investigating the effect of trawling on food webs. Secondly as an sea going scientist and on-board observer within the Cardigan Bay Scallop Fishery. This project investigated suitable sustainable limits of scallop dredging exploitation within the closed Cardigan Bay Conservation Exclusion zone.  I am now working as the senior Marine Scientist at Orkney Sustainable Fisheries, developing and overseeing all of its research activities . I am currently undertaking a number of  research projects including:

  • Sea Bottom Temperature Monitoring
  • European Lobster Size at Maturity
  • European Lobster Capture Mark Recapture
  • Brown Crab Tagging
  • On-going Shellfish Monitoring Activities


Phone: 01856 850605


Elisabete Rodrigues

Marine Research Assistant

I graduated from the Escola Superior de Turismo e Tecnologia do Mar – ESTM (Portugal) with a BSc in Marine Biology and Biotechnology in 2009. After graduating, I completed an internship within the Fisheries group at IPMA – Matosinhos in 2010. During that time I participated in two of the ongoing projects the institute was conducting, these involved sampling landings of commercial species (mainly Trisopterus luscus and Palaemon serratus), as well as onboard samplings of catches and discards. I undertook an MSc in Marine Resources Development and Protection at Heriot-Watt University.  my dissertation project involved working within the Orkney Creel Fishery collecting morphometric data on Brown crab (Cancer pagurus) and European lobster (Homarus gammarus). This data will be used to explain the effectiveness of escape panels on creels for both species in Orkney. I am now working as a marine research assistant at Orkney Sustainable Fisheries Ltd. I am currently undertaking a number of  research projects including:

  • Discard survival and condition in Orkney brown crabs
  • Effectiveness of escape gaps within the Orkney brown crab fishery
  • Development of scallop sampling protocols


Phone: 01856 850605



Dr Michael Bell

Scientific Advisor

I am  a researcher and lecturer in marine ecology at Heriot-Watt University’s Orkney campus, focusing on fisheries and ecological interactions with marine renewables.  Experienced fisheries scientists, contributing to management advice, stock assessment and research into fisheries sustainability issues at national and international levels. My role in OSF is to provide scientific support and guidance, taking the lead on stock assessment and the development of criteria for sustainable fishing.


Phone: 01856 850605